Friends, Family, Backers,

Thank you so much for supporting the Honored crowdfunding campaign! We are excited to use these funds to continue our quest to get Honored into closed beta as soon as possible and to deliver a great experience for gamers to celebrate their online and offline achievements.

We couldn’t be more thrilled to fulfill the promised rewards to our backers like you. We hope you love the t-shirts, badges and site as much as we’ve loved creating them.

T-shirts should be headed out to you quite quickly, posters are on their way to us first for signing and badge orders will be finalized and placed very soon for distribution in a few weeks. As for the digital badges and beta access codes, those will be sent in the coming weeks as those portions of the system are brought online to support them.

We will also email Alpha Group members separately with details about the service once we get closer to launch.

The much anticipated Name Pre-Registration is now available via this link. This will lock in your desired username for the Honored site. In the rare event we have a conflict of names, we will reach out to the requestors directly and sort things out in as fair a manner as is possible.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that we have a winner for the most referrals by a backer and that person will be contacted soon so that they can start to design their very own custom badge, and come up with the rules on how others can earn it.

Honored is steaming along at full force thanks to the support of gamers like you and for that we cannot thank you enough! Stay tuned for more updates as things continue to progress.

If for any reason you need to get ahold of us directly for anything concerning your backer status, feel free to reach out to us as and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Post-campaign updates.

Thank you everyone who helped support our Indiegogo campaign! Whether it was by pledging a backing or by simply helping to spread the word, you guys all helped immensely! While we did not meet our desired goal, we still raised enough to make this whole endeavor more than worth it. More importantly, it’s enough to allow for us to continue what we are doing with even more resources at our disposal!

We are going to have a much more comprehensive run-down on “What happens next” after the Christmas break, as most of us are scattered to the four winds visiting our families. When we rally next week however, expect updates from us as to how and when backer rewards will be distributed, and what our next steps from there are. We will also have a lot of amazing updates as well over the coming weeks, as this campaign did more for us than just raise money. It also raised awareness, which has led to a lot of great talks with potential new partners, many of which we are excited to soon secure as partnerships and hopefully announce in the new year!

Happy Holidays everyone!

The Final-Final Countdown!

Happy Holidays everyone!


We tried this playful reference once before, if you remember, but this time it’s for real. Today, Friday the 20th, marks the beginning of the weekend leading up to the end of our Indiegogo campaign. Monday the 23rd will be your last day to back us, so don’t miss out!

To help push this excitement we’re happy to announce a NEW backing tier. If you have been busy buying Holiday gifts for people, fear not for this new tier is only a paltry $1! In return, you get one basic bit of awesomeness: the ability to pre-reserve your favorite profile name before the site launches (as well as the warm and fuzzy knowledge that you helped fuel our closed beta, allowing us to bring the site to gamers the world over much sooner than we could have done so otherwise). Our gamer-names are something most of us take seriously, for many of us it is the ONLY name over half our acquaintances know us by. It is an alter ego that we wear with great pride, and a personality we cultivate. Don’t miss out on the chance of preserving yours before it’s too late! If you want more, such as a sexy badge to show off with pride, then you can always jump up to the next tier at $5 and get a digital badge and more! So click here to go check it out now! :D

As you saw many weeks ago we’ve partnered with and they held a contest amongst their community to pick a winning badge design for all community members. At the same time the community was putting together ideas, we too were cooking up a few badges for them. One is for their illustrious staff members, and another is a “Legendary” badge that their staff would be able to reward to community members who go above and beyond the call in contributing to making the amazing place that it is. We’d like to take a quick moment and show the current drafts of these designs off to you. Please note however the community design (created by Pepe_Thunder) is not yet finalized. What you see here is Pepe’s original design as it was submitted, and our own creative team will make some basic adjustments to bring it inline with our own designs aesthetics (and to change it’s title to Destructoid instead of Honoredtoid). However, his original base design will remain over all, and he will proudly be enshrined in our site as the badge’s original creator!


Community Badge

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 8.56.51 AM

Staff Badge

Screen Shot 2013-12-20 at 8.56.47 AM

Legendary Badge

With just a few days to go, every bit of social media attention counts! Make sure you share our campaign with everyone that you can, as the more eyeballs we get, the more backers we get! Let’s see just how far we can push things before the cutoff on Monday, and don’t forget to use your personal referrals links with Indiegogo so we can reward the person who has the most referrals with their own, self designed custom badge! Remember, the top referral gets to design their own CUSTOM badge, and also gets to choose the criteria for how it’s awarded! You’ve been challenged!





Our Indiegogo Has Been Extended!

As we mentioned in our update on Monday, generating media and social buzz has been a challenge for us due to the excitement around new consoles and great new games.

As soon as our friends in the media and you, our awesome backers were able to start posting news stories and spreading the word, we have seen a noticeable uptick in support of our campaign, and this is really great! Especially since our conversion of traffic to backers is higher than average per Indiegogo. This tells us that we know we have something that gamers want and we can’t wait to deliver it.

Because of this logjam of gaming goodness, Indiegogo has kindly offered to let us extend our campaign to Monday, Dec. 23rd. Naturally we’ve said yes! We’re excited, not only because this means more opportunity to reach our goals, but also because we will get to share some Holiday spirit with you as well. (More on that to come!)

Thanks for everyone’s support so far, keep it up and help spread the word!


Campaign URL:


The Final Countdown!

Tis The Season To Get Honored

We announced Honored at one of the busiest times of the year, right on the eve of the new console launches and when holiday game launches are dominating everyone’s attention.

While reception and feedback has been incredibly positive and the video game community has been supportive, the reality is that it has been a daily challenge for us to steal spotlight and boost awareness even with amazing shout outs from pro gamers, celebrity friends and partners like LANFest and Destructoid.

While I can’t go into specific numbers seeing as our campaign is still live, I can quite confidently state that Honored is exceeding the average conversion rate of visitors to backers normally seen on Indiegogo. It’s evident our campaign is exciting to gamers and we are on to something amazing, we just need more of you to discover us!

This is where you, our supporters, come in. We need you to help spread the word and raise awareness through every method available. A successful campaign is entirely in your hands, not only in the form of money that you can pledge but also raising awareness. Make sure you share the Indiegogo campaign and our homepage and use the hashtag #GetHonored.

What Happens Next?

Honored is coming! After the campaign ends we will begin to make preparations for fulfillment or the perks we’ve promised. As we’ve noted before, the campaign is on a “flexible funding” method with Indiegogo meaning that even if we do not hit our goal, Honored is still going to launch, it will just take a little longer to bring this great service to you with our initial closed beta. Also, just after the holidays we will be bringing our forums online for our backers to take part on, as well as the rest of closed beta participants as they join us.

It’s been a crazy four weeks with another one yet to come. We hope your enthusiasm about Honored matches ours as we ride on into the final days! Also, our apologies for our early-Monday update coming much later than usual… we’ve all been in a food coma from 4 days of Thanksgiving leftovers! (No seriously, several of us have been honestly eating together nonstop for 4 days!)

Thanks again for your support, keep on sharing the campaign and happy holidays from all of us on the Honored Team.



Experiencing site difficulty with Indiegogo?

We’ve had reports coming in the last 24 hours from many supporters on issues with trying to back us currently. The prevailing problem has been a “cannot connect” issue when hitting “continue” on your personal information page. We are working closely with Indiegogo’s support to try to resolve this as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, we have some suggestions to do the “usual” trouble shooting: Clearing your cookies and cache, and to also make sure you are logged into Indiegogo with a full account and not backing as a guest. If none of these corrects an issue you are experiencing, you can always hit up our support team at (or just click that little red “support” tab you see hovering on the right of your screen!) who can help try a few other things with you as well. This will also help us compile feedback to help Indiegogo narrow down the issue.

We’re really sorry for these issues, and thank you for your support none the less. Indiegogo has been a great partner to work with so far, and we are confident this is something that should be resolved quickly and get us back to running smoothly.

Indiegogo Meta-Update AKA You Need To Play More Games

You may recall a few examples for game specific badges on the Indiegogo page, and if you still haven’t visited that page then how the frak did you even get here? Don’t worry about it, just, here I’ll copy and paste a segment of it:

One of your friends gifted you Poker Night at the Inventory 2 last month and you spent a day with it for a few easy achievements. One more meta-achievement is revealed called “Robot Companion Relationship Expert”: Give Claptrap a high five in Borderlands 2 and then proceeded to rob him of his Best Character Award in Poker Night 2. Claptrap put on a birthday hat when we took his picture for this badge, it’s adorable.

So this is what we call a meta-achievement, a badge specifically designed for achievements across multiple and possibly related games. They will have their own unique designs, purchased separate from badges related to just one game, and reward gamers out there who enjoy playing games of all varieties. So that example from the Indiegogo is just that, and example, but we are working on refining the final list for beta alongside some of the other prospects we are about to share. Take how meta-achievements may be a unique opportunity to reward game loyalty:

“Supreme Call of Duty Hipster” – Completed story mode in at least five different Call of Duty games. However, at least one of those completed games must take place during World War II.

Oh wow I haven't seen you since like, XBox 360 launch week.

Ah memories of XBox 360 launch week…good times.

Meta-achievements provide opportunities to explore games you may already have:

“Roswell That Ends Well” – Kill 1,000 aliens in Saints Row 4, unlock the alien autopsy level in Surgeon Simulator 2013, and return all of the spaceship parts in GTA V.



Or sometimes they can just be…

“The Doggfather” – Change the music in the Tekken Tag 2 options and somehow finish the story mode in Way of the Dogg.

Way-of-the-Dogg-1_1280Wait, Snoop had a video game? I knew he did that thing in Tekken but, I don’t even…

“It’s a Piece of Cake to Bake a Pretty Cake” – Beat Portal, bake a Delicious Chocolate Cake in World of Warcraft OR craft a cake in Minecraft, then eat a cake in Ducktales Remastered.

Wow, try reading that one without memes or the Moon theme looping in your head, but that is still a big stretch of stuff to do…

“Invaders Possibly From Space” – Create three quickplay set lists in DJ Hero 2, buy a soda in Bully, then beat Space Invaders Infinity Gene or Space Invaders Extreme on any difficulty.

Two Futurama references in one blog post? Seriously? This is the second one where we pick on aliens too. What is next? Menial achievements for games you picked up from the Gamestop bargain bin?

“Had It My Way, and It Was Good” – Earn an achievement from every Burger King game.

BKGame…ok, those games weren’t actually half bad.

I’m going to dig up my copy of Sneak King, you go do the things like usual on Twitter and Facebook. Send us your ideas for more meta-achievements while you are at it.

Destructoid Community Badge Updates Plus Contest!


As you may have seen last week, one of our announced partners was! The fine folks and robots over there have gotten together with us to provide some awesome rewards for their devoted community. Custom badges will be available for both regular community members and HUGE subscribers as well as an elusive Legendary badge awarded by their staff to the folks who are truly deserving of recognition.

To help commemorate this partnership they’ve posted an open call contest to the community today. Who better to design the community badge than cool people like yourself? From now until next Friday the 29th they are accepting design submissions, then a series of logic arrays will process the submissions until a basis for the final community badge design is found. As a reward, the chosen designer will both be recognized on the Honored site as the original creator of the badge and be the first recipient of the Legendary badge from the Destructoid staff. Think you have the design skills to win? Check out their post, review the mumbo jumbo about contest rules and our fairly simple design guidelines, then get your Photoshop on!

Indiegogo Update Part Badges!

Last week we mentioned this week’s update will be mostly about badges, so have a peek at a few works in progress:

ps_50_platinumms_100kWe started preliminary designs for the core system badges, stuff related to your profiles on PSN, XBL, and Steam. Preliminary is the word to stress here, nothing on this page is 100% final and there are a great deal of badges still to be designed and conceived. We begin with the simple stuff to get the ball rolling, what badges will make up the bulk of your average Honored user earnings? We have already been getting trophies and achievements this entire time, let’s start there.

steam_25steam_50steam_75Some of the most rudimentary data that can be obtained from looking at any gaming platform profile is achievement based: how many, from what game, overall rank, and so on. It seems only fitting to reward badges based on the most basic of info since it is already out up front. What the basic system badges also do is reward devotion. It is unlikely that a multiplatform gamer will have both a few thousand PSN trophies and a Gamerscore nearing half a million, it’s a privilege reserved for the devotees. System badges also reward for activities related to the platform and not necessarily part of any game like the Steam Holiday Sale or the Xbox One release.

day_oneXbox One owners who buy in on the first day get a unique achievement, why not make a badge to match and wear devotion on your sleeve, literally. This one is in the system already so look forward to it Microsoft fans.

You will also notice that badges for each system are distinguished by shape, for example all PC badges will be hexagons. Proclaim your loyalty to the PC master race with hexes or confuse your friends as to why you own a Team Fortress 2 badge in a circle. Yes, the 360 version of Orange Box has TF2 achievements, look it up. Note that when it comes to our partners and special events, well, it’s all about being unique.

lanfest_default_placeSpecific game badges will come with later updates after we lay down the framework with hammering down the core system badges. There are a lot of games out there that need badges too, for every system available, and you can help. We released a short survey last week, tell us which games you want us to prioritize making badges for and request work on your favorite games as well. We’ve gotten quite a few requests for CS:GO badges and that makes some of us very happy indeed.

Remember to spread the word about the Indiegogo on Facebook and Twitter and we will see you next week!

Imma Axe Youse A Few Questions Abouts Some Games

Now is the time of the year where we prep the land around the Honored farm and plant the seeds which will soon become the badges of Spring.810c492a463f5c32347fc058a25e7d6cHow we shall determine the yield of our crop will depend on you because there are a lot of games out there that need badges. By a lot I really mean a lot. Like a huge deal. No really, a lot of games. We need to prioritize what badges to start hammering away on now and what better way to determine that than with a short survey?

survey2Wow, that is really creepy, I’m not sure if I am comfortable with this. Uhhh hold on…

surveyThere we go, that is simultaneously worse and better. Click either one of the terrible pieces of clipart above to visit our short three question survey. If you are morally opposed to clipart you may also click this sentence. If there is a game you would like to see a badge available for at the launch of Honored, this is the time to make your voice heard. If it is a triple-A game series just click the box, otherwise fill in the blanks for the games you want to see us offer.

Remember to share this with your friends and if you would rather suggest even worse clipart to use on our blog posts, send it our way on Twitter or Facebook. We will most likely use it.

Seriously look at survey man, I’m not sure if he has a mouth even.